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On March 31 I had unprotected sex and my boyfriend came in me, on April 2nd I took Plan B... Exactly 7 days later I had heavy bleeding for about 3 days. I went to the doctor to see what was happening because I was supposed to ovulate at the time I was bleeding so I assumed something was wrong. Everything was okay and I had a negative preg test. Now it is May 7th and I am 11 days late on my period. I have been extremely tired, nauseous and felt faint on several occasions. I've been craving a lot of meat lately and have been eating way more than I usually do. Is it possible that I could be pregnant? I have had unprotected sex I between the plan b and now. I have taken 2 home preg tests and both said negative but I keep reading that it's still possible I could be pregnant! Help!!


The bleeding was most probably the result of the EC, which attempts to stop ovulation or fertilisation, or implantation. If you were supposed to ovulate on 12 April (7+3 days after 2 April), then you were unlikely to have been fertile 31 March. Having taken the EC, you have effectively had a 'period', and you would not expect a period to arrive on 26 April (14 days after ovulation) because you probably didn't ovulate (as you took the EC pill). You are now more likely to have ovulated nearer the time you expected your period to start (about 23 April) with a period thyen expected about 7 May (today), but having taken the EC pill, ovulation and periods can occur earlier or later than expected for a few cycles.

However, if you are still having sex, there is the possibility you could become pregnant. Depending what days you had sex, your tests would probably have been too early for any outcome from your latest sexual encounters.