beware of Lipitor. I was one of the 5% users who suffered severe side effects. I used it for five months and had severe kidney pain, unexplained weight gain, fibrocystic lump in arm pit, GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) to name a few. I stopped taking it and went to the doctor the same day. The P.A. said she had never heard of biochemical reactions taking Lipitor and I told her I had read it on the internet from the Lipitor website. Within twenty-four hours, I felt like a new person. I am so glad I stopped taking it, even though it was 20 mg. I just did not take it well at all. The doctor told me that "Lipitor is not for everyone". but thought it would be okay for me. I don't blame him at all. He did not know. All my blood panels came back normal. Just a heads up to beware of all meds. Your body talks to you. Just listen.