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I am hoping someone (someone who is actually on the pill) can give me an honest account of what to expect with it. I really want to go on the birth control pill. My boyfriend and I are planning to have a family but not for another two of three years, so the pill just makes sense. But are there any side effects I ought to be worried about?


That is really a hard one to answer!! Every pill can have a different effect on your body. But in saying that, every women can experience different things. So women experience nothing, while others do. But it all depends on the pill so do your research! I have been on Yasmin and I loved it!! Didn't really experience any side effects until years later where I started to breakthrough bleed. Then I went on Yaz and I HATE it!! I feel neasous, have breakthrough bleeding, cramps, ect...ALL birth control pills carry a risk of blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, moodiness, feeling depressed ect...But you can be on them and experience NONE of that! And live your life happily and worry free.

What I suggest you do is do some research on the internet about all the different types of birth control there are out there that can fit your needs, and research some brand names and what their side effects are. Also, talk with your gyneacologist!! they are VERY informative of birth control pills and can tell you everything about them and find one that suites your needs. Sorry if I wasn't much help, but like I said it all depends on the pill and the person.