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Here we explore marijuana and how THC effects men versus women and the differences. Before women consider smoking marijuana long-term, it is important to learn about how it can affect the body.

Researchers have recently conducted a study on the effects of THC the key ingredient in cannabis on men and women.  It was discovered that smoking concentrated marijuana on a daily basis may be riskier for females due to the hormone estrogen. Marijuana is the most common drug used by young people in the United States today and use of the drug is currently on the rise.

What is marijuana?

Marijuana is a gray or green mix of shredded, dried flowers from the hemp plant.  There are around 400 different chemicals in marijuana, but THC is the one that affects the brain most powerfully.  Marijuana is known by many different names and these include; pot, herb, reefer, grass and weed. 

What is THC?

THC is the chemical in marijuana which gives a user the “high” feeling.  Certain parts of the hemp plant contain a higher saturation of THC.  When marijuana is smoked the THC goes into the bloodstream, through the lungs and directly to the brain. A high from marijuana can last for up to 12 hours and THC is absorbed by the body fat and released back into the bloodstream very slowly.  

It can take the human body up to 30-days to purge THC, which but this factor will vary according to gender, height, weight and body structure.

What are the side effects of marijuana in men?

In males the most common side effects of marijuana include; decreased testosterone levels, lowered sperm count, extinguished sexual desire, enhance cancer risk and enlarged breasts.  Regular marijuana use in men can also cause an increase in the number of immature and abnormal sperm.  Men of all ages need to know the harmful side effects of marijuana abuse before they decide to use the drug.

What are the side effects of marijuana in women?

Just like with men, the side effects of marijuana on women happens in the part of the brain which controls the hormones that determine the sequence of the menstrual cycle.  

Females who smoke marijuana on a regular basis can suffer from irregular menstrual cycles, hormone depression and raised testosterone levels.

Even though the effects of marijuana abuse may be reversed, it can take several months before the female body goes back to normal.

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What are some important things a woman should consider before engaging in long-term marijuana use?

Long-term marijuana smoking can cause changes in the human brain and lead to an increased risk of compulsive drug seeking, abuse and addiction. Other factors to consider with long-term marijuana smoking are an increased risk of depression and schizophrenia.  The risks for long-term marijuana use are not only confined to women, but men also experience many unhealthy side effects and can suffer from the same symptoms and much more.

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