Hi there, I'm new to this page.Wonder if anybody can help me.On the 15th June 2008 I had my period but only bleed for 2 days which is unusual for me as normally bleed for 4 to 5 days.The blood wasn't heavy and blood was dark.The day after my period finished me and my husband had sex.About a week later I started feeling really unwell.First thing of morning then late evening,lower back ache,moody,headaches,white discharge and needing to wee a bit more than normal.I did a test about week and half later and test was negative.But I think I tested too early.Then last week I went to supermarket and the smell of cooked chickens and fish counter made me feel really sick.Then over the weekend of July 4th to July 7th I got really bad abdomen pains in my left side and bladder pains which got worse as the days went by.I made appointment to see my doctor and he did a pregnancy test for me and again guttered as test was negative.My doctor told me I have high level of blood in urine and protein too.What does this mean.I still feel pregnant and still dont feel well.My doctor has given me antibiotics for 5 days 4 a day and sent sample to lab to be tested.Just havn't felt right since my last period.My Husband had cancer a few years ago and we wern't able to try for baby.But in May 2008 we got all clear to try for a baby.