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Don't wait. Don't pee on a stick. Don't spending money. Find out if you are pregnant now, online.

Websites offering online pregnancy test offer all of these things, but wait a second is that really possible, and should you take these tests even if you only want a bit of fun while you are waiting for your real pregnancy test to come up with the result? 

What "online pregnancy test" sites offer

Google "online pregnancy test" and you'll get an awful lot of results. These days, Google is very personalized so the kind of site that will pop up first in your search engine results pages will depend on your browsing history. There are a few different kinds of websites that offer "online pregnancy tests". One site I visited asked if I was concerned that I may be pregnant.

Take the free online pregnancy test and your results are guaranteed, the website stated. I took the online test, and a picture of a radar came up, with the message that the site was scanning my body for hormone levels, ovulation status, and other such nonsense. It turned out that I was not pregnant. Then I took the test again, and it congratulated me on my soon-to-be baby! The website I just mentioned was hilarious. It was obviously a joke (it mentioned that the guarantee related to getting a result, not to the result being accurate), and a harmless one. It did make something very clear online pregnancy tests are rubbish by definition. They may get your hopes up when you are not actually pregnant, and they may waste your valuable time.

One online pregnancy test included "is your period more than a week late?" in their list of questions. Enough said. While some pregnancy test sites will actually tell you that their mathematical calculation will give you an accurate result, most don't tell you whether you are pregnant or not pregnant, and will give you your "odds". Most "online pregnancy tests" asks you questions about your menstrual cycle, ovulation, when you had intercourse, and if you are using birth control. These tests are meant to calculate your statistical likelihood of pregnancy based on information you provide.

Every woman who is trying for a baby has moments when she is sure she feels some early pregnancy signs and wants to know if she conceived NOW, before her menstrual period is due and before she can pee on a stick. For those women, an online pregnancy odds calculator will help the time pass more quickly. These quizzes will not, of course, tell you anything you do not already know yourself. If you had intercourse during or before ovulation and are not using birth control, you may be pregnant. Or you may not be.

How to get through the two-week wait

Are you reading this? My very own test results say that you are 90 percent likely to be in your luteal phase and wondering if you may be pregnant at the moment. How do you get through that dreaded two-week wait without going crazy? I recommend forgetting about the whole deal. Remember to make love even during your two-week wait, so your partner doesn't feel like a sperm donor :). Take an early pregnancy test if you want to waste money, otherwise focus on healthy eating and being calm and relaxed. Stress can delay your period, making you think you are pregnant when you are not. Remember you can take a home pregnancy test on the day you miss your period, or you can just wait a while longer. Early pregnancy symptoms can indeed show up before your period was due, but cramping, bloating and fatigue are premenstrual symptoms as well. Those should be ignored. Morning sickness is probably the most indicative early pregnancy sign. Good luck!