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okay, i am 15 and i am almost positive that i am pregnant. but i need advice with some things; first of all the symptoms ive been having;

~no period sense january 1st.
~dizzy spells and light headed way more often than usual if i stand up too fast, but even if i think im not doing anything at all it will happen!
~light cramping really low down in my belly, like below my belly button, sometimes it's on the left side, sometimes on the right side and sometimes it's twards the middle. but its always low down below the belly button, like right above my vagina kindof. and its not painfull like my period cramps, but enough so i can just feel it.
~if i dont eat i feel like iam gonna puke all over, and occasionaly will get sick. but not every morning. sometimes it will be the middle of the day, or even night.
~my boobs had the worst pain a few days ago, now if i touch them they are tender, and sometimes they throb! its horrible. my boobs look transpearent almost i can see big purple veins and it queezes me out;/ nipples look a bit bigger, not too much.
~the other night i was constipated, but iam not even sure if thats a pregnancy sign? if not sorry for the un needed info.
~when iam feeling sick, i eat food and i will feel 100% agian, like i was never feeling sick.
~ i can barely pry myself out of bed in the morning and i am taking naps when ever i can get a chance to fall asleep, i also fall asleep in class and on top of all that i still go to bed wicked early. were talking 730/8..usually i would stay up untill at least 11. with no naps during the day or any thing. i am so lazy because i am so tired! i dont even care about my looks or what im wearing i just care about sleeping!
~also im not sure if this is a sign but i get a headache at least once a day, sometimes they get really bad but usually ill just get a headache.
~ this probably should have been at the top of the list but not only do i get moody, but i will cry over the stupidest things, i am so emotional and sensitive to everything. it makes me feel stupid and embaressed..
~if i go out to the mall or some where i feel like i dont want to b there, i get tired walking around and get dizzy when i go into really muggy hot stores..
** also is white discharge a sign of early pregnancy or no? its not clumpy or itchy just white and a little thick. like first thing in the morning today.

signs of pregnancy? PLEASE reply to this anyone! and help me as soon as possible i am anxious..

also on top of all theese horrible symptoms i have; i am getting a negative home test. WWHY??? is it because my hcg levels are too low? maybe they;re in between and the test is just saying no? where can i go for a blood test that will accuratley show my levels instead of just saying yes or no? because ive read planned parenthood has only the yes or no tests and i called and they told me that they only do urine tests. can those tell the levels or will they jus say yes or no? also ive read if your carying a male fetus the levels will be significantly lower than if your carying a female fetus, could that be the reason?

please please please people reply to this it is almost urgent i really need advice, because i am keeping my baby and i want to see a doctor as soon as possible if i really could be pregnant! ( i am almost 102% positive i am, what ELSE could it possibly b!? i am pretty sure i have EVERY symptom of early pregnancy there is..) and yes i had unprotected sex..alot..on birth control but wen i didnt get my period i stopped bc i didnt want it to hurt my baby.

please reply with help/advice/suggestions/ and do u think i am pregnant? thank you so much everyone that reads and replys!!!!!!!!!


YOU'RE PREGNANT!!! you have all the signs, and you missed your period. theres a such thing as getting false neagtives early in a pregnancy. I advise you get prenatal vitamins(wal-mart,target,drug stores) and take them and set up an appt with your gyno and have blood work drawn because the blood work will show up a pregnancy right away. its 100%accurate. good luck.


you could prob even go to your family dr and tell them whats going on and they can do the blood tests then go to your gyno. sometimes gynos are expensive. so try your family dr first and tell them whats going on and have the blood work done. your HCG levels may not be high enough to detect on a traditional pregnancy test. the planned parenthood places just give you a pregnancy test like the ones you buy from the store. so blood work is your best bet and you need prenatal vitamins if you are pregnant i would take them now just in case, and change up your eating habbits. eat alot of fruits, vegetables and healthy food. carrotts are good for a babies eyes. so yea eat healthy.


thank you (: yeah i am on prenatle vitimans for the past couple of weeks and ive been eating healthy and ill be sure to eat plenty of carrots but if i called my family doctor because i wanted to set up an appointment would they have to talk to one of my parents or do u think they would let me just go in with my older cousin, hes over 21. like is it confidential if u ask it to be? because i wanted to wait to tell my parents untill after i get it verified by a doctor.


I am on implant but other than that I have had unprotected sex for the last 2 years on and off for the last week my stomach has been real bloated and heavy feeling it hurts or cramps whenever I move also I've been real sensitive to smells and sounds like if someone gags it makes me gag if I smell rotten food I throw up could I be pregnant please help