I've recently switched from Levlen Ed to Norimin. When I switched, I went straight from my Levlen Ed active pills (the very last one), to my first Norimin active pill. During the first week of this, I had my period anyway. I asked the doctor and she said it's normal. 

Now I'm in the middle of my second pack of Norimin and am experiencing cramps and spotting for about three days now. I'm a bit worried... is this normal? I last had sex about a month and a half ago (we used a condom as well). But my boyfriend and I fool around now and then (we last did so five days ago)- I heard it's important to be on the pill at least a month before having sex again. 

I'm aware that sperm can be transferred through touch by accident and am a bit worried though I'm very particular about wiping hands and cleaning up. 

Just wondering if this is something I should worry about? Should I see a doctor? :( Please help!