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It's all too easy to get totally lost in a sea of diet pill advertisements, not knowing which supplements are reputable and have a fighting chance of actually helping you lose weight, and which are nothing but scams.

Let's start with the beginning then, shall we? Certain diet pills are FDA-approved, and have been proven to work. Those are prescription-only products. Examples are Qsymia and Phentermine, and they are typically prescribed only to people who have BMIs exceeding 30. That means that it will be hard to get your hands on a prescription if you want to lose just a few pounds — and that if you still want to take diet pills, you will most likely be looking at the totally unregulated ones that fall into the "herbal supplement" category. 

One such supplement is Equitrim, made by the "Equitrim Institute" (that, as an aside, uses the exact same address as the "Linea Institute", something to be aware of). Incidentally, it is hard to find out anything else about Equitrim than just that, and that it uses "Hoodia". While we can't "review" a specific diet supplement with this little information, we can talk about Hoodia in general. 

What Is Hoodia?

Apparently, Hoodia is a plant that South African bush people have used to stay slim quite instinctively for a very long time. (Yeah, right! As if anyone but us modern folk was ever concerned about weight loss... wouldn't they have been more likely to be worried about starvation instead?) 

Does Hoodia Work For Weight Loss?

Though very little reputable research has been conducted into the efficacy of Hoodia as a weight loss supplement, what little there is does suggest that the succulent helps suppress appetite. Not feeling hunger is, of course, a prime way to lose weight — especially if you have compulsive eating tendencies. One study suggests that people who take Hoodia supplements for 28 days lose an average of  3.3 percent of their starting body weight, without changing their eating or exercise patterns. This means that, though it may not be the magic solution products such as Equitrim are trying to make you believe in, Hoodia does appear to have at least some weight loss potential. 

And The Downsides?

One bit of good news is that Hoodia doesn't seem to have any adverse effects, unlike many other weight loss ingredients on the market. As such, if you have already made your mind up to try a weight loss pill for yourself, Hoodia may be a better option than many others. 

On the other hand, there are some concerns too. For one, since such supplements are utterly unregulated, even if Hoodia itself has the potential to suppress your appetite and enable significant weight loss, individual supplements may contain so little of the active ingredient that there's no chance they will ever do anything. In addition, since more "Hoodia" is being sold than actually grows in South Africa, one has to question how many of these supplements are even honest about their ingredient lists. 

In conclusion, you need more than a healthy dose of skepticism if you want to avoid wasting your money.

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