so about a week ago me and my boyfriend ran out of condoms and things got heated he decided to stick it in with no condom, he only lasted a couple minutes because we had done a fair bit of foreplay beforehand. before he was about to cum he pulled out and it got all over my stomach. I am on Levlen Ed and i have been for about a month now, I've never missed a pill & I have an alarm at 3.30pm and when it goes off i take it. the latest I've taken it is half hour - an hour late. im just concerned because I was put on Levlen ed to regulate my period so my parents don't know im having sex and apparently the pill im on is a lower dosage... what are my chances of getting pregnant if he pre came in me?? im only 17 & Im extremely worried. btw we had unprotected sex 7 days after i finished taking my placebo pills (when i finished my period) someone please help :(