So The last time i had sex was about 4-5 weeks ago and it was protected and i had my period perfectly fine about 2 weeks ago. I was feeling fine but on saturday night i went to a party and i have been taking my levlen ed pill every day same time for almost 2 months now and havent missed any and i had so much to drink on saturday night and i hooked up with this guy and we did stuff but we didnt have sex, the next day on sunday i took my pill fine at 7 in the morning and when i got home at like 2 in the afternoon I fell asleep and woke up at 5 thinking it was the next morning and took my monday pill by accident so i double dosed by accident haha pretty stupid but yeah so on monday i didnt take any pills but i was feeling so drained like i had no energy and i googled it and it says its common for that to happen so this morning i was feeling perfectly fine until i decided to start taking my iron pills (i have low iron) again about half an hour ago, I havent been taking my iron tablets for about 3 months now and since then iv been feeling sick again, I have stomach cramps and a sore back since the double dose, what could be the problem?