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so about a week ago me and my bf ran out of condoms, things got heated he decided to stick it in with no condom, he only lasted a couple minutes cause we had done a fair bit of foreplay beforehand. before he was about to cum he pulled out and it got all over my stomach. I am on Levlen Ed and i have been for about a month now, I've never missed a pill & I have an alarm at 3.30pm and when it goes off i take it. the latest I've taken it is half hour - an hour late. im just concerned because I was put on Levlen ed to regulate my period so my parents don't know im having sex and apparently the pill im on is a lower dosage... what are my chances of getting pregnant if he pre came in me?? im only 17 and Im extremely worried. btw we had unprotected sex 7 days after i finished taking my placebo pills (when i finished my period) someone please help :(


FIRSTLY - that's pretty dumb to have unprotected sex if there's even the SLIGHTEST risk of getting pregnant when you don't want to be. Good work.

SECONDLY - If you've been following the instructions like you say you have, a quick google search shows the following information:

How does LEVLEN ED work? Combined oral contraceptive Pills, such as LEVLEN ED, provide one of the most effective reversible methods of contraception known. Usually, when LEVLEN ED is taken according to the instructions, the egg cells (normally released by the ovary each month) are prevented from maturing to the point where they can be fertilised. In addition, the cervical mucus remains thick, so it is more difficult for a man's sperm to enter the womb. Also, the lining of the womb is not prepared sufficiently for a fertilised egg to grow in. What is LEVLEN ED used for? LEVLEN ED is used to prevent pregnancy. Combined oral contraceptives are a very effective method of birth control. When taken correctly (without missing tablets) the chance of becoming pregnant is very low (approximately 1% per year). The failure rate may increase when tablets are missed or taken incorrectly.Education on the internet. Brilliant thing.