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How do I successfully wean myself off zoloft after 12 years without getting severe lightningbolt like headaches?


I suggest tappering off slowly, cutting your dosage by about 5-10 mgs per week. While doing so, take the following supplements:
I swear by a high potency omega 3-6-9 3x a day for "the zaps." I have weaned several times throughout my life and this has been the only thing that has helped me not have the zaps at all.
Also take these, I like NOW supplements, but you can get these from other brands:

Ginger root for nausea and preventing nausea.
Magnesium Fizz drink for anxiety-related symptoms of the withdrawel, it tastes gross, but it works!
Multivitium and omega 3-6-9 with EVERY meal.
Also I have taken these, which have been very helpful: NAC, L-tyrosine, choline, Glutathymine, GABA (at night).

WHen you have weaned down to the last bit, you can start taking 5-HTP, start at a low dose and build up, read up on other forums and websites about more specific info about it, but it helps a lot.
Good luck, you can do it!


As a follow up.... I want to let people know that I have been completely zoloft free for about 5 weeks. The first week completely off the last bit was pretty bad, in fact I took a few days off from work. This happened when it was completely out of my body. I had body aches and lots of weeping. I had a bad cold as well. When I felt better enough to go exercise, that improved things immensely. I cannot over emphasize the importance of exercise through this process. Also, benedryl, which is molecularly similar to an SSRI, would do the trick to alleviate some withdrawal symptoms. However, I didn't want to take so much of it that my brain couldn't heal properly.

I am no longer taking any supplements except a multivitamin and omega 3 each day. I am not depressed either, however I have an excellent therapist who helps me through my rough patches.

I am a sensitive person, I feel a lot about everything, and sometimes I feel things very intensely. However, I am at peace with that. I can control it and accept it as well. I am especially happy with being able to orgasm now :-)
Good luck all.



My Dr. prescribed me Zoloft. I havent taken it yet as I am doing research about Zoloft before taking it as prescribed.
Did zoloft actually make you have a better life, happier, etc?
Why did you deiced to quit taking zoloft?
Would you recommend others to take Zoloft?

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