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I wish I had found this forum sooner! I have been taking 50mg of Zoloft for several years and on several occasions tried to wean myself off of them. My most recent time started this past April (beg. of the month) - was taking them every other day - and by the end of the month I got the flu (perhaps). This past month I have been feeling dizzy, loss of concentration, achy to the more recent lethargic (didn't go to work for 2 days) and very irritable stage. I went back on them this weekend cause I couldn't stand to feel that way anymore. I even went to the doctors thinking I had mono. I am not sure I could go thru the months of withdrawl it could take if I were try again, but I wish I could be rid of this dependancy.



My Dr. prescribed me Zoloft. I havent taken it yet as I am doing research about Zoloft before taking it as prescribed.

Did zoloft actually make you have a better life, happier, etc?
Why did you decide to quit taking zoloft?
Would you recommend others to take Zoloft?

Your answer is highly appreciated.

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