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I was on zoloft for over 5 years and have attempted to go off of it numerous times. I go back on each time because I get so sick (zaps, dizzy, nauseous, headaches, irritable, weeping, anxiety, etc.)...I have tried again, this time because I wish to get pregnant. My psych. is not much help. I went off very slowly and have now been off for almost 10 days. I feel so awful - all of the above symptoms. Can anyone recommend an OTC or prescription med that they know helps ease symptoms? My dr. keeops saying to take a zoloft ..but he does not seem to get I do not want to be on it anymore. I can't keep doing this. I'm at my last straw..and really could use some help. any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Forgot to also add.....these symptoms are supposed to go away eventually right?


I was on zoloft in april 2007, i got off oct 2007 when my husband got back from deployment, i had the side effect where I felt like someone was shaking my eyes.its like a shock feeling.then i had a baby got back on them right after and now a year 2 months later i want to get off, well i was told to take a half for a week and I should be good.NOO I got the same side effects I did the first time..I have gained weight from the drug and I would like to get off before I gain tooo much weight. I cant take the side effects though so I gave in today and took a whole pill..I don't know what to do. I don't want to be on thsi pill forever..


I was on Z for probably about a month & it turned meinto a sleeping zombie so i decided it would make more sense to be be and deal with lifes ups and downs rather than be a flop of an existence that moves from 15 hours in bed to 9 on the couch back to 15 in bed every day. I was on 25 mgs then 50 and brought myself back down to 25 and then 0 all in the course of a month. OH MY GOODNESS how can my withdrawal be so disgusting. It seems to be worsening not improving. I keep getting lightheaded, irritable, very sluggish and those brain zaps. Those zaps feel like for a split second, everything turns off & back on again inside my body.
I am so discouraged when I read everyones trouble with withdrawal. I cant imagine going on like this much longer. What a sorry mistake this was. Plus, I feel like a whale. If only I could go back 30 days and never try this poisoinous pill. I never post about anything but I figure if one person reads this and decides not to take zoloft because of it, it is worth my experience. But, I imagine people will read this warning and think it cant happen to them, just like I did thrity days ago when I read everyones horrific accounts and said, "ah, it wont be like that for me". There are so few positive reports about zoloft and so many negative...chances are, it will be the same for those who havent..dont! For those who have, Lord have mercy on us.

Research St Johns Wort as an alternative, I hear so much good about it and it doesnt have side effects...its where i'll turn if I ever fully recover from this nightmare.


Hi everyone. I feel your pain - I am currently going through zoloft withdrawals and I want to crawl under a rock. I was on 100 mg for a year and before that have been on one ssri or another for post traumatic stress for about six years. I decided it was time to see what life was like without a pill since I have been on them since I was 18. I did a taper for about a month and it has been about 6 days since my last pill. I have been desperately looking for ways to deal with the "zaps" and vertigo. This is what I have come up with so far: drink a lot of water and take naps if you can when the symptoms get really bad. I have been taking about 2 bonine pills a day to help with the vertigo as well as 2 omega 3-6-9 a day. Sometimes this stuff helps, sometimes it doesn't. Tomorrow I am going to my town's natural pharmacist to see if there is anything else to help with the vertigo. I'll update you if I find anything new out. Hang in there.. this has to end soon right?! I would like to know how you are doing by the way.. knowing someone else is going through this is comforting :-)


i am so terribly ill from stopping zoloft and wellbutrin combination. i am extremely nauseated and cannot eat. the symptoms continue to worsen with time instead of diminish. my last dose was a week ago today for the zoloft and four days ago for the wellbutrin. while on zoloft i was a zombie-i would sleep 13 hours a night and still be tired all day.....for a college student working full time this wasn't working! i was on wellbutrin for a year and zoloft for 7 months. i gained amost 45 lbs over the past year being on these drugs. when will this sickness end? i feel like i have the worst hangover in my life along with times when i see stars and feel like my brain is being electricuted! how can i get over this quickly and function? i will take advice from anyone who can help me.


helpmeout7189 ,

This is how I feel from the Zoloft Wellbutron withdrawals ---->

Just for the record I am a 48 yr old woman, so you are not reading this from some youngster. Just so you know.

I have tapered myself off the Zoloft and Wellbutron at the same time. I started on my own by slicing more and more off the pills each time I had to take them. I took a razor blade and sliced more and more. I had to do this MY way as my doctor told me to do it the every other day thing then every two days, etc...

Well, I am one to forget when and how long it has been. So, I did it myself and I will admit to you, this is awful!! I am suffering bouts of crying fits, panic feelings, feelings of wanting to take everything in my bedroom and throw it against the wall and watch it smash, losing patience with family, my beloved 17 yr old son and the man I want to marry next month in June.

I am up at crazy hours like I am now at 5:15am and cannot sleep, but once I do finally fall asleep I cannot drag myself out of bed.

I have these strange sensations in my head as if everything is buzzing (not that zapping feeling others are saying), but a strange buzz. When I drive my car, it is ok. I actually feel sort of normal. It is when I get home, get comfortable and then start feeling sick to my stomach, dizzy, lose balance, get ANGRY :x and cry and want to just scream. :x

Tonight I was on the cell with my fiance (who lives in Fla) and outta nowhere those feelings hit me again all at once! I got snippy at him and lost patience and wanted to hang up the cell and I NEVER do that as I am moving there in 11 days and I love him for over 35 yrs now (we finally found each other again), but now these are serious withdrawals cuz I am behaving like that to HIM of all people! That scares me. He is VERY understanding and patient, but I do not want to take anything out on him!

I hope that these feelings will taper off soon...I do NOT want to go through my beginnings of my life with him in this condition.

I was put on this dreaded Zoloft 10 yrs ago (I forget the strength) and my Rheumatologist claimed it helped Fibromyalgia (which I suffer greatly from). BS!!! It NEVER helped me and as a result now I am suffering BIG time getting off this c**p. I know I will make it, I will prevail...I just don't know when!

I also heard Zoloft makes one gain weight, well, I lost 53lbs in less than a yr being very careful what I eat, but since I stopped the Zoloft and Wellbutron, I am devouring chocolate and other things like crazy. I am trying to remain on my (previously well maintained) diet...hope I can do it.

So, are not alone. I do not have an answer for you, but wanted to tell you my nightmare so you know you're not alone.

I am a metal head so metal makes me feel better, and I also love Michael Jackson, so he makes me feel better too. THIS MUSIC THERAPY OF MINE WORKS FOR ME, AND I AM NOT JOKING. It may NOT work for anyone but me, but it does calm some of it down...maybe others may want to try it. But you HAVE TO immerse yourself in music everytime you feel the withdrawals coming on!!!

I wish everyone well and a safe recovery from this horrible, dreaded medication!!!


If my doctor had told me the terrible side effects associated with Zoloft withdraw I never would have taken this horrible drug. No one told me. I only took the smallest dose and only for 7 months. That was 4 years ago. Since stopping the drug I have a constant high-pitched sound in my head. The ear specialist told me he sees many patients with the same complaint: former Zoloft users. The problem of course is not in my ears, but in my brain. This sound will continue forever. I want to scream. Sometimes I just sit and cry and cry. I can't stand it. There is never any peace: no silence ever again.
The ear specialist told me that if I should lose my hearing this sound in my head would be the only sound I would hear. I told him if that happens I would put a gun to my head and kill myself. This is what Zoloft has done to me.


G'day, I am reading quite frightening reports here which leave me wondering about the level of medical attention some people are getting and in other cases the suitability of the individual to this medication. It is vitally important that readers seeking information that will affect their lives get a balanced view. Only posting negative views could cost someone genuinely suffering depression their life, so don't overdo the stories. For anyone thinking they might need help please read on.
Firstly let me explain my online name. Everyone I know understands I take medication (zoloft) as i figure why hide the fact. The more people understand about mental illness the better. I live in Australia where to be given a name other than your own by the people you know is quite usual, so prozac it is. Haha.
I have been on Zoloft for about 10 years after suffering severe clinical depression (diagnosed) following a bad work accident. This drug probably saved my life!
Zoloft is not for everybody. If it suits you it works wonderfully, if it doesn't you try something else. Zoloft fitted me like a glove which is great, as they say it is the best medication to be on IF it suits you. OK, I have put on weight as others have attested also. This is a small price to pay for my life in my view. It has allowed me to be sociable once more, and to function day to day without many people realising I am on medication. I do not function like I once did and cannot see me returning to the high-powered position of employment I once had, but this is more than likely an effect of my condition than the medication. I have difficulty now being organised and so I set myself smaller targets or number of tasks for the day. This way my day is more effective.
Ten (10) years is a long time to be on medication. Recently I started feeling I am coping much better with day to day life. Time to reduce my dosage. I have been taking 150mg daily for so long I know it will take a while. I know the effects of withdrawal from the occasions when I have finished a packet of tablets and have been unable to organise myself to buy another for a few days. The headaches etc are usually what reminds me to get down the the chemist for a refill. Commencing the weaning process I reduced my dosage from 150mg to 100mg. This did not give me any undue side-effects and so I maintained this dose for about 10 weeks, just over 2 months. About 3 weeks ago I committed to reducing this again to 50mg. This is easy as I just break one tablet in half. I am not particularly worried if it is a little more or a little less than 50mg as long as the multi-day average remains constant.
I would have said I am not having any significant side affects so far, however my wife says i am irritable. I will raise this with my doctor, but I would hope to reduce my medication to zero within another 4-5 weeks.
I hope this helps someone in their decision to start taking Zoloft or in their decision in how they should stop. It is not a life sentence (think of the alternative) but importantly it is absolutely essential to reduce your dependence ONLY under medical supervision and then only by degrees with a long term plan.
Lastly I do not think anyone should be taking this medication without first having a psychiatric consult, and without having ongoing psychiatric help for a suitable amount of time. If you are not sick enough to see a psychiatrist you probably shouldn't be taking these sorts of medications. Good luck to all of you who need assistance.


Hey all,

I am sooooo sorry for what everyone here is experiencing!! I am working through it myself. But I am getting through...I was on 50 mg for 4 months, the last month I started to taper to 25 mg more or less, then less. I went cold turkey two weeks ago. It was horrid.
I was on paxil and wellbutrin years ago for about a year and half while I was going through a difficult time. I had to make 3 attempts, the first 2 were absolute hell!! Needing to nap during day and getting horrid nightmares that the devil was in my home and snakes were on me, I was sooo irritable and fragile, and then the zaps... Holy cow,

I did Zoloft this time, which frankly it worked super well for me in that I stopped thinking suicidal and started coping better- So I have to say, thank God for Zoloft for that!! I got through my difficult episode and wanted to get off Zoloft.

Withdrawal from Zoloft for me is far, far easier than my Paxil/Welbutrin horror. However, that said, I have the zaps, weird REMs, tearyness, horrible anger feelings. Some times I just have to go lie down because I am so dizzy. But withdrawal from Zoloft unlike before, I too want to smash things throught the wall!! I want to hit myself on cabinet doors or drawers. I want to suddenly break things. I have to constantly resist weird anger bouts. I dreamt of strangling a child recently! It was a dream, and the kid in reallife was behaving poorly, but really??? WTF It's awful. And I too went from it being uncomfortable physically at first, then scary horrible after 7-10 days where the nausea, zaps went away ever so slightly, but I became a terrible terrible angry person in a flash. Mostly I hid it, and avoided people. But my poor boyfriend, ugh, I love him and I would become crazy difficult! If he managed to distract me by saying I needed to shower, dress and meet so and so for dinner in 30 minutes, I could squash it and go out and be fine. But if he didn't distract me, I swear I could find hours of complaints and worries and pick fights.... And I am nooooottttt that way!!!! I hated it, I was crying all the time, And wanting to hit people, smash things all the time. I wondered if I needed to go back on again.
(The upside to my anger episode was, I normally hate conflict and avoid any confrontation at all costs - but, in one spontaneous angry spell, I poignantly told a friend to basically "f"-off after years of her games. And that actually felt awesome! And long overdue.)

So I am now 14 days into it AND IT IS FINALLY GETTING BETTER!!!! I am not as wacky, and the zaps are subsiding, and no tears today. Here are my observations and what I think seems to make withdrawal get better for me or helps in a pinch.
I am detoxing.
1, Eating only healthy, mostly greens, lots of ginger and beet and leafy green - all good detoxers.
2, Drinking tons of water, living on ginger or detox tea.
3. I take several quick showers a day and end them COLD water to help my skin redden and open blood vessels to help detox process. The showers help when you feel nauseous, tired, irritable, cranky, angry, dumb, dull, out of touch with reality.
4. Walk!. The more I walk, the better the day goes and less zaps. I get super zappy at end of day for some reason. So I do a bit of a forced march and just go!! Also, helps my anger spews and dizzyness.
5. A quick nap helps dizzyness or soothe my soul when I am angry.
6, I know its cheating...but I take a tiny bit of ambien at night to let me get real sleep. I know that's not very detoxy but your body needs to sleep.
7. I try to get nature everyday, for some reason tv and loud noises really set me off. (Though I will try to play more music like other blogger suggested.)

So basically, GREENS, WATER, COLD SHOWERS, POWER WALKS. (And avoid annoying people if you can, you are just too fragile to deal with them, not these few weeks. Or maybe go blow up a friendship you needed to cut loose of anyhow... ;-)

Keep pushing on! You'll get through it!


Being on zoloft back in 2004 and again now in 2010 I had and now have the ringing in my ears, but just to let you know, it does go away. I just takes time. doing things that take your mind off of it helps a lot. I now have SEVERE anxiety to the point where I could not talk, and I also have PTSD, so I feel everyone's pain to some degree. I use to have panic attacks but zoloft was a life saver for me, and now, i'm dealing with this anxiety. on 75 mgs and doing pretty well on it again.

I'm 44 and living in Florida now and never thought i'd have to go through this again, but hey, life's a beach!.

when i did go off the zoloft in late 2004, i had brain zaps and major headaches. i was only on it for 9 months. but i messed up my brain severely by taking ecstacy which I should have never touched, but now i'm surffering the consequences. live and learn i guess, right? well I learned big time.

the poster above talked about music therapy, and i ahve to agree as it helps me when in get in a funk. of course if it gets to be too much i just pop a klonopin which eases my anxiety.

my anxiety symptoms manifest as headaches, weakness, nuymbness in my arms and legs and chest pain. also when i eat i have to catch my breath many's the anxiety from what i've learned, and my brother has it too.

with all that has been said, it's a tough road but know this can NOT kill you. it's just very uncomfortable and a b***h to deal with. i don't even have the ability to take any pain meds cuz my brain is so messed up. when i was in the hospital they put me on morphine and the pain got worse..they put me on demerol and i was about to kill myself as the pain was unbarable. they had no clue what was going on and neither did it, but at least now i know.

one more things. my anxiety and PTSD was so bad, i was UNABLE TO TALK FOR A YEAR due to symptoms that would be brought on. imagine not being able to was a very lonely time for me, but I have to say for some, zoloft is a life saver, and for me, i'm grateful for it.

Life may not be what we expect, but while we're here we might as well try to enjoy the right as much as possible and relish in the little things in life, like friends, family, music, birds, tress, and every single thing around us... our memories too.

Have faith, keep happy thoughts, visualize yourself getting better and ask the universe or whatever God you believe in to help you through this.



Of all the posts I have read THANK YOU for giving me hope. I am 7 days off zoloft and the anxiety and depression is awful. I am so happy to hear that you made progress.


How are you doing now? My daughter took Zoloft for 4 years. She just got done tapering off 3 days ago and is experiencing all the same withdrawal issues that you did. I hat seeing her go through this. How long did it take before you felt back to normal again?


I am doing better now. This was the fourth time trying zoloft. Early twenties and then twice for postpartum depression and those times I was fine. This last time though yes it was very tough. I looked forward to everyday getting better. It did and I drank ALOT of water to flush out my system. After about 2-3 weeks ( I don't mean to scare you) I started to feel better. I didn't notice coming off lasting that long the previous times. You daughter will be good soon. It's tough just be there for her. I was so sad and anxious for a couple weeks. good luck.


How are you doing now? How long did it take for you to feel better? My daughter is going through Zoloft withdrawal right now and it has been horrible! I am hoping she will feel like herself soon-it has been 4 days since her last pill after a slow, tapered off withdrawal process. she has a few hours a day where she seems fine then it's like a switch flips and she is an entirely different person-angry, paranoid, crying, exhausted and as of yesterday she started seeing weird colors and things that were not there. I hope you are doing better now, I feel so much sympathy for anyone who has ever been through this or has felt helpless watching a loved one go through it!