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hi, i was shoked when i saw the findings of my chest x-ray it says that SUSPICIOUS SCARS DENSITIES IN THE RIGTH UPPER LOBE. What does it mean? i have no any idea. pls help me or suggest.. thank you!


Hello mhae,

Scar tissue in the lungs can mean a number of things.  This may have come from any colds or flus that you've had.  Scars can come from smoking and tuberculosis is another possibility.  The problem with X-rays is that they don't reveal much about soft tissue.  Some people are told they have tumors in their lungs when in fact they don't.  You might consider having a different kind of scan done that can tell you more about what is really there.  It's really the only way to go.  Any shadow on an X-ray could cause for alarm but really you don't know what it is.  I had a friend  who had what appeared to be a tumor on the surface of the lung and the doctor thought it was cancer.  They went in and removed it and found that it was harmless.