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What does this x-ray result mean:?

suspicious densities noted in the right upper lung

there is haziness in both lower lung field

sthe cardiac silhouette is not enlarged transversely

the costophrenic sulci are intact

the rest of the tissue and osseous structures are unremarkable

Thank you!


Hi Amiee,

The lung tissues usually appear clear in an x-ray.

Suspicious densites should not be there.  It can indicate scarring, fluids, or an infection.

The haziness also should not be there for the same reasons.

Your heart appears normal (cardiac silhouette).

The space between your diaphragm and the ribs (costphrenic sulci) is normal.  Everything else appears normal.

You'll need further testing.  A sputum analysis can help determine what is causing the haziness/densities.

Good luck.