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HI Doctor im 35 years applying for others country for work. but my x ray was found i have a PTB APEX. im confuse about that and try to the midecal city for other xray and he give a xray result.


no prior radiographs provided for pamparison suspicious densities are noted in the rigth lung apex. No other frank parenchymal infiltrates seen. the pulmonary vascular markings are within normal. the cardiac shadow is not enlarged the diaphragm, both lateral costophrenis sulci and the bony thorax are unremarkable.

IMPRESSION:apicolordotic view is suggested to further evaluate the right lung apex.

that is my result of may xray don i can not understand what is meaning of that. thanks Don.


Hi Don,

PTB Apex means you have tuberculosis in the top of your lung.

"Suspicious densities...right lung apex" - there are densities, something denser than normal lung tissue, on the top of your right lung.

"No prior radiographs" - they have no other x-rays to compare this to, in case it is old scarring.  TB leaves scars that will never go away.

"No other...infiltrates" - it seems confined to the right lung.

"Pulmonary markings" - the structure of the lung is normal.

"Cardiac shadow is not enlarged"  - the heart is of normal size.

"Diaphragm...thorax unremarkable" - the rest of the structures supporting the airway and lungs are normal in appearance.

Treatment of PTB is antibiotics.  See your doctor.  They may want to do a sputum analysis or even a biopsy to confirm PTB.

Hope it helps.



thanks doc to your explain. because im confuse about that PTB Apex I dont have any sign of that PTB i did not slitting of blood or fever and everything. thanks again Doc.


Many cases of PTB do not show any signs immediately.