We have all experienced a sensation of having done, seen or gone through certain things before. Truly amazing feeling that many people, superstitious or not, linked to experiences from past lives. However, scientists have surprised us again by finding out that Déjà Vu Phenomenon is nothing more than a defect in the memory process.
To some people it happens from time to time while others have to deal with it regularly. The 80-year-old patient drove attention of scientists by reporting that he had already been to his friend’s funeral. When certain doctors invited him to the memory clinic, he kindly refused convinced that he had already been there.

Additionally, he did not only remember being to the clinic but also the details about the time and place of appointment with the doctor in the clinic.

When 10 other people with similar condition were admitted to the memory clinic, they were all found a history of chronic pain or head injury. The scientists came up with the theory that such condition can be created by memory circuit failure in the temporal lobe of the brain. This memory circuit has been linked to the recollection of memory and if it were switched on permanently or hyperactive, it could lead to creation of memories, where none existed in reality like in chronic déjà vu sufferers.

More research will be done on this topic as scientists found that such condition can have a significant effect on the mental health of an individual possibly leading to depression.