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After an examination by a physician - I was told that I probably have Temple Artilites? (Not sure of the spelling) A biopsy is going to be done - because I have had a stroke to my optic nerve and lost some vision. The physician figured it was from my temple. I am looking for more information on this condition.



Temporal arteritis is chronic inflammation of large arteries, typically of the temporal artery on the side of the sculp. This condition affects 1 in 1000 people older than 50, and is more likely to happen to women than men. Depending on whick arteries are affected, the symptoms are different, for example severe headaches, blood vessels in the temple become swollen and lumpy, the sculp could be a painful when brushing the hair, also double and blurred vision can occur and even blindness of one eye can develop. There is a possibility of a complete blindness if the blood supply to the optic nerve is stopped.
With these symptoms and a biopsy of the temporal artery is done, you can be diagnosed with temporal arteritis. Also blood tests could be helpful.
Diagnosing this disease early will be of a great help as the treatment could be started even before the biopsy is performed.