It is already known that obesity is a risk factor for heart disease, diabetes but recent study found that obesity is related to poor bone health as well. This new study included women in their twenties and examined their bone health through three – dimensional bone scans. Some of the women had normal body fat and some high body fat. Results showed that those women who had high body fat suffered from weaker bones 8 % more than those with normal body fat.

It was discovered that both group of women had comparable bone strength but this is not the case with muscle mass. It seems that overweight people tend to have more muscle around their bones than normal people which almost lead to consumption that it’s good for the bones to be overweighted. But, research determined that obese people don’t make as much bone as they should for the amount of muscle in their body.

Study on obese rats showed that bone marrow produces more fat cells than bone cells and because they originate from the same source this may lead to conclusion that obese people produce more fat cells over bone cells.

Researchers suggest that obesity in childhood may lead to poor bone health later in life and it should be considered as a long lasting negative impact on bone health.