Although there is much more work to be done before it will be tried out on people, the obesity vaccine shows promise on rats. The vaccine does not influence the appetite but metabolism, which is exactly what the results showed.

A group of rats were divided in two groups. One of the groups was given the vaccine and another was not. Although both groups ate the same amounts of food, which shows no reduced appetite, the groups that received the vaccine experienced less weight gain.
The vaccine is aimed at decreasing the activity of a hormone called ghrelin, which is secreted by the stomach and that promotes weight gain and fat storage. The vaccine triggers the animals’ antibodies against this hormone.

The most surprising and at the same time exciting fact was that the results were visible without any changes in diet, which shows the vaccine’s effects on metabolism.

Like I previously said, more work is needed to see if the vaccine would be as safe and effective as it was in rats.