Although the link is so very fresh and is still yet not possible to determine if you're depressed because you drink too much or you drink too much because you're depressed, the link does exist and requires further investigation.

It is suspected that women may start using alcohol in higher amounts following intoxication to counteract depression and that chronic alcohol consumption made women depressed leading them to a vicious circle.

A 14-month study determined that there was no link between drinking frequency and depression but that the link existed when it came to quantity. It was found that those who usually drink less than two drinks per occasion and never drink as much as five drinks would be less likely depressed than those who drank over five drinks on an occasion.

Another link determines the suspicion. It is known that in people, who get treated for alcohol problems, the rate of depression goes down when they abstain from drinking and conversely, feelings of depression occur when someone has a hangover.

The relation is more likely to go hand-in-hand among women than men and a more gender-specific approach is planned in researching depression’s diagnosis and treatments.