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I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on 18th March. My date for period was the same (18th March). Usually I get in 27days cycle. So ideally I should have got on 15th March which did not happen.

Within 8 hours of having sex I took Ipill. I understand there is always a delay in periods after having ipill.

today is 24th Mar and I havent yet got mine. I am quite anxious as my periods are usually regular.

Kindly advise if this is normal? Could there be any chances of pregnany




It's common after taking an  Ipill for your period to be late.  You didn't need it. 

You are not likely to get pregnant having sex within about 10 days of your expected period due date.  You were at your lowest fertility.

Your period can be early/late for several months.  When it will come, we can't predict. 

Hope it helps.