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My boyfriend and I recently started having sex. I'm not on birth control yet, though I plan to be soon, and we've been using condoms diligently. A few weeks ago, I was due for my period, and after being a two days late (which happens sometimes) we both got worried and I took Vitamin C throughout the day to induce a period. The next day (Thursday) I got my period as expected and had a normal, heavy flow. That night, we had unprotected sex, assuming it would be okay during my period. For whatever reason, my period ended two days later (Saturday). It always lasts at least five days. I wasn't sure why it was so short, but was worried, so I took Plan B on Sunday morning (about 60 hours after unprotected sex). Five days later, on Friday, I got a dark brown discharge for a couple days which then turned into a more normal, short period. 

Was the period that started with the dark brown discharge a continuation of the last period, since it was so short? 

Or, more simply, am I pregnant? I know it's unlikely given that we only had unprotected sex during my period, but the short length of that period concerns me, as well as the weird period after having taken Plan B. I wonder if it was shorter because it was Vitamin C induced.


You are more likely to get pregnant during your period. Especially on the first day.