On August 4 I was done with my period. then On Aug 7 I had sex and the condom broke so the day after i took plan B within 5 days I got my Period. and I usually don't have specific cycle and it is usually later than 28 days. Then on september I had no period pregnancy test was done and it was negative and since my period in NEVER on time I thought plan B screwd my cycle. Then on oct 9 we had unprotected sex and I had to take plan b the day after AGAIN! I got cramps and period about 6-7 days later. Now the PROBLEM IS on November 6th I began having spotting . the discharge looks like what I go throught at the end of my usual period . it's really dark brown and it is not too much! does anyone know if this is because of plan B or not?!!! My whole cycle is messed up I don't know whether it is something to be worried about or not!

Sorry if it;s too long!

ANY IDEA???? %-)