My girlfriend and i have been having unprotected sex this month. We had sex twice on one day (a friday, the first was early in the day and the next was in the afternoon, i pulled out both times a few seconds before i came and urinated once or twice between the two acts of intercourse. A day later (sunday) we had unprotected sex again and i pulled out early as always, then on monday we had unprotected sex again and i did not come close to ejaculating. The next day i purchased the plan b one-step for her and she took it almost at the 72 hour mark from when we first had unprotected sex. she had already taken a contraceptive two weeks earlier and had her period. what are the chances she is pregnant and should she expect her period at the normal time or will it be early/delayed? Since taking the plan b she has been having cramping and is a little bloated, is this normal or a sign of pregnancy? Also today (5 days after plan b) we had sex with a condom with spermicide and during intercourse she said she felt a small sudden pain but it went away after about a second or two. I pulled out early before ejaculation as always even though i was wearing a condom. After i pulled out she went to use the bathroom and said she had a small amount of bleeding going on (a few drops) and it is really worrying me. since that was about 5 days after taking plan b would that be a side affect or should i be worried about pregnancy?