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i haven't had my period in about a month,but i also have a irregular period, my boyfriend and i have sex a lot, ive been peeing more and its been VERY hard to hold it! lets just say ive had a couple accidents! sometimes moody, im really not sure if im pregnant, my nipple hasn't changed color but when my boyfriend and i had sex like a day or two ago there was blood on his penis that was a creamy red color and plus the sex has been feeling better lately, but since then there has been no blood, whats wrong with me?

side note
when my bf was like 14 he got bite on his penis by a dog and the doc said its only a 10% chance he can have childs.
ive been having bowel movements everyday now for about two weeks, i didn't before
two days ago i was having stomach pains so bad i was crying i went to the ER but the wait was 5 hours long so i left. I also took a test earlier that same day but it was neg. WHATS WRONG WITH ME?!


Well, all i can say is none of these symptoms seem related to pregnancy thats for sure, believe me, i've been pregnant. Cause u might start to have to pee more, but no where near the point of having accidents, or it being hard to hold in. If you were pregnant you would be constipated now, not before. And even still some woman pregnant are different, sometimes they don't even get constipation. But in the case of pregnancy and bowel movements, it would be the other way around for you if you were. And stomach pains to the point of cry and the ER? No, not in pregnancy unless something was wrong, plus you said you took a test and it said it was neg. Doesn't sound to me like your pregnant. Maybe you should go back to the ER and found out what's wrong. Maybe the five hour wait will turn out for the best in the end? Emergency Rooms always take forever. Or maybe you should get a doctor, or try the gynocologist.