Hi,im 28. Been on ovral contraceptive pills for 5yrs. I stopped on the 26march 2012,my whole pack. whilst,was sein period from 25to29march. Im normally bleed to 5days. My boyfriend and i wants a baby.weve had been doin sex a lot. The start of april 2012 ive been feelin kinda sick,headaches,tingling ,pain feelin in breast,white stuff on my niples. Abdominal and lower back pain,dizziness,faint feelin,weak ,fatigue,throwin up at tmes. Made test at doc,preg neg. Bled again for only two days 21,22april 2012.,then nthin at all. It was heavy,wit dark clots. Bt i still feel sick,nausea,i dnt hav appetite,and smtimes im very hungry.bloating,burping a lot, i had another hme preg test neg,went to doc again had whole body test,no aneamic,no infection,blood pressure ok. Preg neg again. Sickness continued,i feel craving for food, gt angry at my boyfriend over nothin at tmes. On 14 may bleedin again small amount and a very light red colour,the 15 in the mrnin pad empty and it cmes back in the afternoon.,and very light pinkish colour16 may and brown and by 17may nothin at all. Bt im stil sick,headache was bad,and same on the 18may 2012. Smetimes i feel ok as fit then al of a sudden im sick. Doc told me that ther are times they dnt see the hcg to detect if im preg. Bt im so confuse wit the bleeding also. Is there any1 whose been in the same problem as me.gve me sme advice and let me knw plz help. I hav to boys bt i was able to detect my preg wit them and i didnt bleed. 2 friends told me myb its twins,coz i hav it in the family ,my brothers,and my uncles. Are my already pregnant? Are my to become pregnant? Is it the ovral contraceptive effect, after ive quit. We want our baby.,bt it bothers me im sick and do feel pregnant .bt why cnt we gt the result,why did i bleed. Plus ive not made an ultrasound.