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Im getting really worried about her and not doctors can figure anything out (shes seen like 5-6 different specialists). This is some information shes typed out for me so that we can start searching the net for people with ideas on whats wrong, or who we might be referred to, or who might have similar problems and solved them.

BAD TIMES: Everything I eat OR DRINK makes me sick. Even things as mild as some Saltines and Gatorade make me very sick. I still have an appetite, and feel hungry, but if I eat I pay for it later. Not right away, however; its only a few hours after I eat that I become sick. Sometimes I vomit, but if I do, its only stomach acid or bile. Bad days come with a sharp pain in my upper right side (about where my gall bladder is located). This pain spreads to my lower back, where it stays as a dull throbbing pain like menstrual camping (my back becomes very tender to the touch). My entire stomach and digestive system feels like burning, like acid reflux. The nausea is accompanied by burping and gas. These bad times can last for days at a time, with no reason for their coming or going (ie. no difference in food, drink, activity, stress level, etc. There is simply no rhyme or reason to why I have my bad days; an no way to predict or avoid them.)

NORMAL/GOOD TIMES: I feel sick, but its not an all-day ordeal. Taking some Domperidone plus a Zofran fixes any problems I may have. I feel sick at random times, I feel sick if I eat too much, or if I eat too late, or too sugary/deep fried/fatty etc. If I stick to small more-frequent meals and take my meds, I am fine; more or less.

MRI (normal)
Gallbladder (function; normal)
Liver (normal)
Upper Endoscopy (normal)
Blood work: (normal)
Acute Intermitant Porphyria (negative)
Gastropeiesis (negative)

November-January 2009-2010 I went to the hospital multiple times (with symptoms ranging from dehydration to violent full-body tremors, and paralyzation of my hands and face. These symptoms manifested after days of being very sick, vomiting and not eating, so by the time I wound up in the ER I was in bad shape.) At the time, it was suspected that I had AIP, so they treated me with Glucose (10% solution intervieneously) which eased my back pain, lessened the nausea, and generally made me feel the best I've felt in awhile. Its the only treatement that has ever remotely (if temporarily) lessesned my symptoms.

Medications on currently: Domperidone 10mg (before meals), Zofran (as needed), Zoloft 100-150mg (daily)
Medications I used to be on, but have stopped: Promethazyne (as needed), Adivan (as needed)


9am: Woke up, felt nauseated, went back to sleep
2pm: woke up, still felt nauseated but also hungry, took Domperidone
3pm: hungry, ate about a cup of wheat thins crackers and drank some Gatorade
4pm: start to feel very nauseated, pain in upper right side
5pm: very nauseated, pain spread to lower back (dull throbbing pain, like mentstrual camps), burping and gas
6pm: vomited (nothing but bile), still neaseated, pain in lower back worse, burping and gas
7pm: took two Zofran (anti-nausea med) and drank some water
8pm-all night: constant bad nausea, pain in lower back, sharp pain in upper right side, burping and gas (no noticible relief from meds)

Options to pursue:

A) Could everything be caused by a reaction to chemicals? (flea poison, spaying insulation at the house) Can I be tested for allergies to chemicals?
B) Nutritionist?
C) Can someone check my brain to see if there is anything wrong up there?


just to be completely clear, Everything hurts her stomach, including water...


has she tried a gluten free diet? sometimes it will take a while to get your body used to it/ get all the gluten out of your system but a lot of people seem to feel much better on a diet like that, it may take some pursuing to see results but might be worth a shot if you havent already tried it.

a lot of her symptoms also sound like what i was having until i ended up in ER, turned out i had ulcerative colitis. i went in with very bad stomach cramps, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, dehydrated and anemic. see if you can get a specialist to do a colonoscopy to check for any bowel problems that could be causing this. if she is still hungry it is more likely that the problem is occurring after food leaves the stomach (ie, bowel)

also just realised this was posted over a year ago, hope everything has settled down


Hmmm??? Questions I have: Have you taken any Antibiotics?? Where are you from? (i.e. Southern USA... etc)
Two options for you: Poisoning or Chagas Disease