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ok im a collage student and has been in a serious relationship for 2 years(engaged)

ok so my last period was feb. 16th or 17
we had unprotected sex on the 24? of feb. and march 18th(this morning).... which i am 2 days late.
has had mild cramping here and there and an uneasy feeling, sleepy and dizzy, back hurts,shoulders

i know theres a chance but does anybody know for sure?
and when can i take a preg. test?


You can take the pregnancy test as soon as your period is at least one day late and than it is completely reliable - so, basically you can take it right now. Chances are that you weren't ovulating when you had unprotected sex in the February, but as you said yourself - there still is a chance that you were, no matter how small. Your ovulation is two weeks counting from the first day of your period, and also, you can read some more info here:

But the test is the only way to know for sure, you don't need me to tell you that.