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If you are anxious, are you certain that all of it is yours? Is it possible that you are taking on others' feelings?"

Jessica, bright, perceptive, open, and 16 years old, consulted with me due to intense anxiety. She had been anxious ever since she could remember.

"A therapist told me that I was born with my anxiety and that I will always have it and that I need to learn to live with it."

I was appalled. Due to what this therapist told her, Jessica believed that she was destined to always live her life with anxiety. Her Guidance came through to me loud and clear - it was not her own anxiety that she was born with. Being a highly sensitive child, she had absorbed her mother's anxiety while still in the womb.

"Jessica, what the therapist told you is not true. You are a highly sensitive and empathic person, which means that it is very easy for you to feel and absorb others' feelings. You know that your mother was very anxious when you were born, and still struggles with her anxiety. But you also know that she has made great strides in healing her anxiety."

I did a brief visualization with Jessica, asking her to go back to her birth and make up the experience of absorbing her mother's anxiety. She was immediately able to feel this. Then I asked her to imagine her mother's anxiety drifting out of her like smoke and being released into Spirit.

"Wow! I feel so much lighter! I'm so excited to know that anxiety is not in my genes!"

I could certainly identify with Jessica, as I knew that, as a small child, I absorbed my mother's anxiety. By the time I was 5, I was a wreck, with many nervous habits to deal with the anxiety. Of course, I had no idea I was absorbing my mother's feelings and neither did she. She took me to a therapist to "fix" me. Too bad the therapist wasn't in touch with his Guidance! I'm sure it never occurred to him to even notice how anxious my mother was.

If you are anxious, I encourage you to think about whether or not you are taking on someone else's feelings. Highly sensitive and empathic people do this naturally without realizing they are doing it. It is a constant challenge for me to not take on the feelings of those I love. While I have learned over the many years that I have been doing counseling to not take on the feelings of my clients, it is much harder for me with my children and others I love. It is only through my Inner Bonding practice that I have become conscious enough to release other's feelings to God rather than keep them within my body.

Now, when someone I love is having a hard time, I still feel their feelings within my own body. I am able to feel my deep compassion for them, but I also know that it is not loving to me or to them to take on their feelings or take responsibility for their feelings in any way. So I consciously release their feelings out of my body, giving the responsibility to God.

Sometimes others want you to take on their feelings and take responsibility for them. They may try to guilt you into taking on their feelings and taking care of them, especially if you have been doing this for them in the past. If you have been practicing Inner Bonding, then you know that it is not only not loving to you or to them to do this, but it is disabling to them, as they never learn to take responsibility for their own feelings. And you are not taking responsibility for your feelings when you disregard how bad it feels inside to take on others feelings.