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vasculitis painful

Answered by a doctor

I caught the end of an episode of House, you know, the series with the doctor that treats the weirdest illnesses under the sun, yesterday. It was about vasculitis - very interesting. Do you think that this is a very painful disease? I would like to find out more about how this affects the veins. I...

by User avatar alic556155693

Are potatoes bad for people who suffer from arthritis?

Hello! My grandmother suffers from arthritis. Although she takes all medicines her doctor prescribes I can’t say her condition is improved much. I think the problem is she eats lots of unhealthy food. She adores meat and potatoes and she doesn’t take enough fresh fruit and vegetables....

by User avatar Guest

Sjogrens Syndrome and Hives

Answered by a doctor

Hi - I was diagnosed with Sjogrens just about 2 years ago, but have probably had it for over 10 years. My question to the forum is this. I have been suffering dreadful bouts of hives during the last 12 months, and have been trying to identify what is causing them. I have just been searching the...

by User avatar Barbwire89011

costochondritis lupus

Answered by a doctor

Lately I found out that my maternal grandmother had lupus. Not so long time ago I have been diagnosed with costochondritis, though it has bothered me around 2 years. Now I am afraid because I have heard it can be prelude to lupus. I would like to know more about costorchondritis. Do I have great...

by User avatar Guest

positive ana but negative for lupus

Answered by a doctor

A few months ago, my doctor saw that I had elevated blood platelets (480,000) during routine blood work. She sent me to a hematologist, who tested for a number of things that may be causing the platelets to be high. He determined that I had positive ANA with a titer count of 1:640. Yet, he said...

by User avatar Guest

polymyositis life expectancy

Answered by a doctor

Hi there! Are there any statistics out there on what the average life expectancy is of those who have polymyositis? I have just been diagnosed and at this point, while I am scared of finding out the truth, I will take any information I can get. I would also really appreciate hearing from others with...

by User avatar lolly365132430

crohn's disease and burping

I know that people with crohn's disease normally deal with loose stools and excessive flatulence. I guess that they have more than normal amounts of bodily gasses. I am now curious to hear whether this also means that they burp more than the Average Joe? I am really hoping to get the answer on this!...

by User avatar rudyard74134528

Diagnosed with an Autoimmune hepatitis and I continue to gain weight? I am on a prednisone

I was diagnosed with AIH in September and I continue to gain weight, not lose. I was on prednisone but it too strong for me and I ended up in the ER. My dr is starting me on Imuran in the next couple weeks so hopefully it won't do me like the prednisone did.

by User avatar Guest

Birth defects an option due to untreated Graves' disease?

Answered by a doctor

Can I get your opinions? If a woman with untreated and perhaps undiagnosed Graves' disease gets pregnant, what is the rate of birth defects in such a person? And what birth defects are on the list of those that are possibly caused by Graves' disease? If you have any information I would appreciate it...

by User avatar lucina919169654

Diagnosed with relapsing polychondritis

I have been diagnosed with relapsing polychondritis and the medical professionals have never even seen a case of this condition let alone treated one. Could you please let me know what treatment I could have for this condition, I have already lost most of my hearing and I am in excrutiating pain. I...

by User avatar rosepip