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Can recurring urinary tract infections cause infertility?

Answered by a doctor

I just read something on the internet that recurring urinary tract infections can cause infertility if left untreated. Is this true? I'm now worried because I have had recurring urinary tract infections. I had one at eight. Then I had one at eighteen. Then running to the bathroom at night...

by User avatar FranPam56736

Cystoscopy with or without local anesthesia?

Answered by a doctor

My doctor has ordered a cystoscopy for me. He told me it would be painful with or without local anesthesia. Has anyone had one?

by User avatar Guest

What to expect after bladder sling repair ?

Answered by a doctor

What period of time did you incurr during recovery of bladder sling repair? What limitatios during recovery? How do you feel after the recovery,and was the procedure a success?

by User avatar janhuga)

Why does my toes ache when my bladder is full?

Why does my toes ache when my bladder is full, but as soon as I relieve myself the pain subsides until next full bladder?

by User avatar Guest

Ongoing urinary issues. I experienced a mall itching in the urethra and twinge in perineum area

One morning (aged 33), after having used the gym the night before (sprints and squats), I woke up aching head to foot. 8 Hours later the aching started to reduce, but there was a hot feeling when urinating. Hot feeling seemed to originate on left side of urethra at base of penis and...

by User avatar Hi_health_world

I can't urinate after drinking alcohol

Answered by a doctor

Lately every time I drink alcohol I feel urge to urinate but I can't. We usually get drunk on weekends' mornings are terrible and I wasn't paid much attention on this, but everyone says that is not normal not to urinate after drinking alcohol. Has anyone experienced this? I'll appreciate some...

by User avatar blayne19435

I can't stop when I need to pee, I can only enjoy it when I really have to pee

I can't stop when I need to pee I can only enjoy it when I really have to pee is that ok

by User avatar Guest

Annoying itchy urethra

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I'm 33 years old, lately while ejaculating or urinating I have this weird itching sensation in my urethra. It starts from the bottom of my penis and it slowly takes over the entire penis all the way to the top. It is very annoying, and while urinating, when it starts I just cannot stop the...

by User avatar Guest

my doctor is very negative about Urolift system, what's your opinion

I did a lot of checking on-line and looked at many reviews about urolift but found nothing.  The only thing that concerns me is that it has not been around for any length of time.  When I asked my Dr about it he seemed very negative about it.  Its easy to find everybody raving about the system I...

by User avatar Bruce Kravetz326686

Urethral Pain With No Infection

Answered by a doctor

For past two years I have suffered from urethral pain. I did the tests but there was no infection found. They told me I got some disorder, so I have done biofeedback and followed the IC diet to no avail. Now I have been in pain for 4 weeks and no one has an answer for me and the vicodin is losing...

by User avatar Guest