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Urethra Pain Caused By Sugar

Answered by a doctor

I suffered from urethra pain for years, I had no idea what could be causing it. It was a mystery to the doctor as well. Through trial and error I realized sugars and desserts were the cause of my pain. I gave them up for 2 weeks and had no episodes. When I would eat sugar or desserts I would have...

by User avatar lestudio

Constant feeling of needing to pee and poop !!

I have had the feeling just about all of the time for the last two weeks that I have to pee and poop. When I start to pee it feels okay and then it will feel like I am being blocked from peeing and the flow of urine slows down until I am done. Seems like I can't pee with the same pressure I always...

by User avatar 3857jsg283870

Cystoscopy with or without local anesthesia?

Answered by a doctor

My doctor has ordered a cystoscopy for me. He told me it would be painful with or without local anesthesia. Has anyone had one?

by User avatar Guest

e coli bacteria bladder infection

Answered by a doctor

i have been on K Flex for almost 6 weeks. i have had 2 urinary cultures and it shows that I have e coli in my cullture. when will i get better and why isn't the k flex working quicker? i am allergic to sulfur drugs. :!:

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Bladder Sling Recovery

Answered by a doctor

I would like to know about the bladder sling recovery period...what are the can and can not do's? What is the time frame of these things? When can you resume lifting pots and pans? When is it safe to resume sexual activity? What is the weight limit for lifting and how long does it apply? I really...

by User avatar vvande

For how long my wife will be in pain after bladder surgery? Doctor tied her bladder up in a sling

My wife just had that surgery was supposed to be a half hour procedure same day go home well the doctor was running late 3 hours she tied the bladder up in a sling but also her sciatic nerve my wife laid in pain all night until next morning the doctor goes in for emergency op to untie but damage...

by User avatar Guest

What can cause a bladder leak after using the bathroom?

I am a 20 female virgin. I'm not really sure when this started, but it's kind of annoying and embarrassing. I've began to notice that anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes after I've peed and whipped, it seems that my bladder leaks a little. Sometimes I feel it and other times, I don't...

by User avatar MayaPapaya

urethral burning during ovulation and a few days before my period

Answered by a doctor

I have painful urethral burning during ovulation and a few days before my period. I'm not able to have intercourse during these times due to the pain. I do not have an UTI.  I have had cystoscopies that have been negative.  I'm on an antibiotic, macrobid to help control the symptoms but doesn't...

by User avatar packofthree261386

cystoscopy side effects

Answered by a doctor

I have bladder problem for a years. My doctor tried with many different medicines but nothing seemed to be helpful in my case. During my last appointment, he told me I should have done cystoscopy. I know just that is procedure when something is inserted into bladder so I am worried a little. Can...

by User avatar Guest

What to expect after bladder sling repair ?

Answered by a doctor

What period of time did you incurr during recovery of bladder sling repair? What limitatios during recovery? How do you feel after the recovery,and was the procedure a success?

by User avatar janhuga)