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Urethral Pain With No Infection

Answered by a doctor

For past two years I have suffered from urethral pain. I did the tests but there was no infection found. They told me I got some disorder, so I have done biofeedback and followed the IC diet to no avail. Now I have been in pain for 4 weeks and no one has an answer for me and the vicodin is losing...

by User avatar Guest

After I finish peeing, when there's no more pee in me left, I feel a strong urge to pee again

After I finish peeing, when there's no more pee in me that will come out, I feel a strong urge like I have to pee REALLY BAD for like 5-20 seconds! It's not a good feeling! Does anyone know why I'm feeling this or fell the same way? Btw it's been happening for a few days!​

by User avatar Guest

side effects of prolapsed bladder surgery

I had prolapsed bladder surgery 1 year and 2 months ago. I feel very good now , but I've gotten a brown thick discharge out of my vagina 3 times in the past 4 months when I take a shower. I understand the Dr. used cow hide to pull my bladder up, and I'm thinking its the cow hide dying inside of me...

by User avatar mary

Can UTI cause vaginal dryness?

Answered by a doctor

Hi! I need some information. Please, tell me can urinary tract infection cause vaginal dryness. In last few months I had two UTIs and they were really painful. Both times I was taking antibiotics. They helped me. But now I have problem with vaginal dryness. I think that maybe there is a connection...

by User avatar jammie45823

I took tetracycline MK hydrochloride 500 mg for 7 days to get rid of Non specific urethritis

I am hoping to be able to help some of you ladies and gentlemen. After a lot of research I have discovered that the bacteria that causes non-gonococcal or non specific urethritis is so tiny that it cannot be seen with a microscope. That’s why doctors can’t prescribe the right antibiotic. I had...

by User avatar Louisette

Lemonade in urinary tract infection therapy

Answered by a doctor

Hello, good people. I have a problem with frequent urinary tract infections. My friend recommended me to try to treat it with lemonade! I must admit that this sounds little silly to me. Has anyone tried this? If you have, I would gladly hear your opinions. Thank you for answering my post. Bye!

by User avatar suzanna18154996

my doctor is very negative about Urolift system, what's your opinion

I did a lot of checking on-line and looked at many reviews about urolift but found nothing.  The only thing that concerns me is that it has not been around for any length of time.  When I asked my Dr about it he seemed very negative about it.  Its easy to find everybody raving about the system I...

by User avatar Bruce Kravetz326686

Urethra Pain Caused By Sugar

Answered by a doctor

I suffered from urethra pain for years, I had no idea what could be causing it. It was a mystery to the doctor as well. Through trial and error I realized sugars and desserts were the cause of my pain. I gave them up for 2 weeks and had no episodes. When I would eat sugar or desserts I would have...

by User avatar lestudio

Bladder Sling - UTI

Answered by a doctor

This is my first posting so I hope I get this right. I had a TVT procedure (bladder sling) done in March. Although the surgery itself went very well, I am now left with a constant feeling of urgency, like something is pressing on a nerve all through the genital area. There are no UTI or in the...

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Cystoscopy with or without local anesthesia?

Answered by a doctor

My doctor has ordered a cystoscopy for me. He told me it would be painful with or without local anesthesia. Has anyone had one?

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