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Any genetic syndromes including white forelock and blue eyes?

How many genetic syndromes can include both a white forelock and blue eyes? If there are any what are their names?

by User avatar artemesia

Does a C-section affect the Vagina?

Does a C-section affect the Vagina

by User avatar Guest

contractions years after giving birth

i have heard of having contraction pains a few days after birth and when you breast feed. However, i had my child 2 years ago (c-section) and i didn't breast feed. Every few weeks i get hit with a pain that feels very similar to a contraction and is obviously very painful. It's been like this...

by User avatar brendonlove

dizziness 9wks after c-section

Answered by a doctor

I had a cesarean 9-21-06. Since about week four postpartum i have been experiencing a dizzy sensation. It comes and goes with no obvious triggers. I have also been fatigued and had eye itchiness and drainage for about three days in late October. I wonder if all these things are related and if it...

by User avatar MWiry26

Breast pain after abortion

Answered by a doctor

had an abortion exactly 2 weeks ago and right now my breasts are a nuisance...very tender and full...swollen....the left one right breasts is alright..its killin me...can i do anything to reduce this?? :-S %-) :'(

by User avatar apache16715

Odd discharge after c-section!?

Answered by a doctor

I am a 27 yr old female, I gave birth via c-section Jan. 11th to my second daughter. I am now experiencing a very odd discharge that is concerning me. It is a very thick, sticky gel like substance with blood mixed in. I know the blood is normal but what about the other? I did start cramping a...

by User avatar AmynSelora3156


I have a son that turned 2 on 9/1/08. I stopped nursing him when he was 10 months, but i'm still lactating. It's white/ light yellow. Is this normal after I've completed nursing so long ago? (My boyfriend discovered the milk :D )

by User avatar Kkayo

Missed period while breast feeding

Answered by a doctor

I hope someone can help me, I am continuing to nurse my 10 month old son. My periods resumed 2 months ago and had been regular. However, I am late a week for this month. I have taken multiple pregnancy tests with all negative results. I am also on the mini pill. Can your period stop again while...

by User avatar pugrad01

Rh negative blood and pregnancy complications!!

Answered by a doctor

Does anyone out there have Rh- blood type and if so, have you had complications with your pregnancy? I had major complications with mine, and acually call my son a miracle baby! He is as healthy as a horse today though! :-D I am trying to get pregnant again but have read that the second pregnancy...

by User avatar Guest

leg numbness after childbirth

My daughter had an epidoral for childbirth and now 48 hours after still has numbness in the front of her thighs - will this eventually wear off. She is still in the hospital in maternity.

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