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hi can anyone help i have had my beautiful baby boy 15 weeks ago now and the first time i got my period i had a fever and was bleeding heavily and i mean heavy it just pored out like a tape was turned on and had pains in my lower bum area and pelvic bone and i went to the doc he just sed its hormones settling into place but that was when he was 8 weeks but i seem to get this every time im on a period now and its starting to get on my nerves now i dont seem to have the fever but im still gettin the pelvic and bum pains and heavy bleeding witch sometimes clots thats a fifty pence size the pain gets worse when i sit down on the toilet and on seats the pain shoots all trough my body.
just before i had my son the doc sed i have polytheistic ovary's and was all set for test but then a week later found out i was 4 weeks pregnant so dont don't know if this could be the problem or if there is any other reason y im gettin this pain as i never had it after my first child
please email me if anyone eles has had this problem or could help me
thanx kirsty

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finally got a doctor to actually take me serious she sed that there could be something wrong gotta go gynecologists on 18th nov she sed it could be endometriosis with is lesions basically cysts like polytheistic ovary's which i supposed to have but its the blood from the menses cycle entering my ovary's and back passage and also could go into nerve system or liver n kidney's ill update as soon as i know what it is so i could help other people with the same problems x