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Where do you see your running in 5 years?

Answered by a doctor

Where do you see your running in 5 years? Not so much goals, but a realistic prediction of your running status. What times do you see yourself running? Still setting PRs? Increasing mileage? Backing off due to other things in life? What distances will you be focusing on?

by User avatar MechEngDropout

how does one go about training for an Ironman?

So how does one go about training for an Ironman? Are our RF Ironmen coached or self-coached? What's the lo-down?

by User avatar Pug

What's the longest amount of time you've been sidelined from running or physical activity?

Answered by a doctor

Are you running now? I wish I wasn't having back issues!!!!!

by User avatar Noley

How to convince loony sister she needs rest days?

My sister goes overboard on everything, and her new devotion to running is no exception. She is getting really frustrated because after running her first 5k last week she finds she can't repeat it and is back to running /walking. I asked if she was taking rest days and she said yes, she'd just...

by User avatar ShannonG

How did you start running?

Answered by a doctor

Are you self-coached?coached with non-paid help from other forum members/friends?using a paid online coach?using a real life coach? I'm currently getting semi-coaching from other forum members, but I think that by next year, I may top out on my own coaching abilities and hire a coach to sit...

by User avatar purple hayes

Why are races so expensive?

I realize running is a typical middle class sport, but why are races so expensive? Why are $80 fees for marathons acceptable? I've seen 24 hour adventure races with entry fees around $400... so why? Aren't they held by volunteers? Why don't more [any] races waive the entry fees if you can run a...

by User avatar MechEngDropout

treadmill or (indoor) track?

With the early darkness of daylight savings upon us, which do you prefer for weekday winter workouts? (I work 8-5 weekdays, so I miss the daylight hours.) I went to the gym yesterday and found that I easily became incredibly bored running on the treadmill. I barely lasted a few minutes! Instead,...

by User avatar OctoberBlue

10 things real runners must do

10 things real runners must do By Harry Hall Just after February's Super Bowl, "Spike TV--the first network for men," aired a special called, "10 Things every Guy Should Do." While I somehow missed the program, I was probably busy dismantling a bomb or planning my solo effort to climb Mt. Everest,...

by User avatar cherylpf

Running Pet Peeves

Answered by a doctor

So what's your pet peeve while running? For me, I have two: (1) while doing speedwork it's having to move around people who decide to walk in the inside lane of the track. There has been more than one occasion when I accidentally hit someone on the side with my arm while trying to pass him/her....

by User avatar TimRuns

What is your ideal race weight?

Those of you that know your ideal race weight, how did you come up with that magic number?

by User avatar purple hayes