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there's something wrong with my toes. it's been getting really cold here and at night and in the mornign my toes (the one by the big toe and the one next to it), even in socks, start getting numb and then i have no feeling. when they warm up after i walk or run they get tingly, hurt, and then are just mildly sore. these are the toes that really get banged up when i run. i've lost toe nails on them and they look a bit purple. does anyone know anything about this? i'm thinking i'm going to have to see a doctor about it. it really hurts.



im not sure what the problem might be. my guesses based on (very limited) knowledge, would be possibly ill-fitting shoes? sometimes if the front of my shoes is too wide, the toes move too much and i experience pain in my toes........hmm. a few quick questions:
1) how are your arches? (are you currently wearing orthotics?)
2) is your second toe longer than your big toe?
3) did you recently buy new shoes?

im sorry, i really am not sure what it could be, im just throwing out some ideas. i hope your toes are feeling better soon~