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My whole body itches. I don't see any red stings on my body. Can it be from our pets?

Itching, something is biting me. I don’t see any red stings on my body. Just itching. We have dogs & cats. Never a problem.

by User avatar Lee Dougherty

Severe Allergic Reactions when I visit my parents: extreme vaginal itching, hives, swollen face

I have had this issue for a few years now and I can not pinpoint if it is the detergent or the toilet paper causing this.  I use extreme caution but the allergic reactions have only occurred at my parents house. I have done numerous allergy tests and all cane back negative. My parents...

by User avatar Guest

Bumps on face (jawline and under chin) - not acne!!

Answered by a doctor

I have patches of dry skin on my jawline and underneath my chin with small bumps on it. (Started about four years ago) If you squeeze the bump, there is absolutely nothing, but then a hard hair grows out of it. Been to several dermatologists, one says it is dermatitis and put me on a six months...

by User avatar Guest

Children with clothing sensitivity issues

What have you done with your clothing sensitive child that has helped ease the frustration of getting dressed each day?

by User avatar careyann

I have a red rash after shaving my pubic hair!

Answered by a doctor

Hi, im 16 yrs old and last week, i decided for the first time to shave my pubic hair region. I dont rlly know why? But my friends had said that girls prefered it this way. So i took my Gillete Shavor (Not electric) and began 2 shave. I have just left a little few pubic hairs around my penis now. But...

by User avatar Guest

How to get rid of Body Lice?

Answered by a doctor

For the past 3 months, my boyfriend and I have been battling bodylice.  I have never experienced something so awful and horrendous as this in my life.  We have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it...prescription meds...over the counter meds...industrial...

by User avatar lovepigs

Red rash around the eyes that will not go away

Answered by a doctor

I'm a 46 year old female who has developed a rash around the eyes almost 1 year ago. The rash is only around the eyes and extends to the eyebrow. They ich alot. I've seen 5 doctors who don't seem to know what it is. They keep giving me steriods which clears it up but once I am finished...

by User avatar Guest

Severe itching, no other symptoms

Answered by a doctor

Hello all, I have been suffering from very severe itching on the soles of my feet on and off for many years. Sometimes it disappears completely but it always returns. It seems to be invisible and has stumped many doctors. There is no swelling, no hives, no redness just insane itching that makes me...

by User avatar Itchy Feet97643

Cut between my butt cheeks that runs verticle right over my

Answered by a doctor

I have got a cut that runs verticle between my butt cheeks right over my tailbone and it wont go away. It seems to heal for like a day then it just opens back up. It is a real pain and i dont know what to do to get rid of it. I am always sweaty right there and i think that is part of the problem....

by User avatar rrouan

2 weeks after the pneumonia vaccine...

Answered by a doctor

So, I had the pneumonia vaccine about 2 weeks ago because I'm getting the cochlear implant soon and was recommended to get it to prevent meningitis. I suffered the rare side effects for a week- arm pain, redness that grew 10x bigger, the flu, muscle aches, etc. Doctor was like "whatever; here's...

by User avatar pandaundercover130559