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Crazy Painful itching all over body in winter

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I am a 17 year old boy. And i have this itching problem that occurs in winter tim ONLY. Ok so everytime in winter when i am about to do a activity (Boxing, basketball, running, etc..) my skin starts to itch very painfully, its mostly all over my upper body and legs. It is really really...

by User avatar mirror

i have little tiney half a moon shape spots on skin

hi these are not every where but they have appeared last year they look like a half moon shape like someone brused me with there pinky finger nail looks like someone just shoved there nail there for a bit then brused its not lumpy underneaith but i do have some on my right thy and one on my hip they...

by User avatar Crysatl4794

Itchy face around lips and cheeks

For four days, my face has been itchy. Mostly my lips, my cheeks, and the area above my lips. I thought I might have herpes because my lips and the area above were itching, but I there are no cold sores (so it might not be herpes). The only bumps on my lips are Fordyce's Bumps that mostly go...

by User avatar Guest

Random itching all over my body

Answered by a doctor

Hi all I'm 22 and female, and for quite a long time I have been suffering from itching all over my body, mainly during the night. It will occur almost every single night and it is so irritating that I can never sleep! The only allergy I know of is of a certain body wash that I once used...but...

by User avatar Guest

Painful Red Spots

I have noticed several, about 3-4 red spots on my low back. They are painful to touch and tender. I have noticed them about three days ago and I think that they spread a bit. What could it be? Should I apply some ointments on them?

by User avatar Guest

I have a red rash after shaving my pubic hair!

Answered by a doctor

Hi, im 16 yrs old and last week, i decided for the first time to shave my pubic hair region. I dont rlly know why? But my friends had said that girls prefered it this way. So i took my Gillete Shavor (Not electric) and began 2 shave. I have just left a little few pubic hairs around my penis now. But...

by User avatar Guest

Ketosis urticaria Antihistamines weight loss Atkins Cambridg

Answered by a doctor

Hi I have been diagnosed with Urticaria now for several months and been put on high doses of H1 and H2 blockers to stop the rash. When I first had the initial rash signs I was about 3 weeks into the Atkins diet. Due to the stress of the rash which eventually spread all over me I gave up the diet....

by User avatar Emma178

Sores on fore leg front itchy

Answered by a doctor

Good day all, I have been experiencing these small red sores that appear on my fore legs and sometimes on the top of my right foot. They are no larger than a dime, in fact mostly smaller than a dime. The symptom is red and very itchy. They become so itchy that after scratching them for releif I...

by User avatar Joshua57262937

itch patch on back of left shoulder

Answered by a doctor

I have an almost constant itching on the back of my left shoulder that started about three weeks ago. I scratch at it and looking at it can see no signs of rash, redness, bug bite. It is a very funny sensation. I can feel it build up to the actual itching. It stops but comes back several times...

by User avatar lbloodgood


Answered by a doctor

What could be sore and peeling fingertips indicating? Have you found relief? This thread is an extension of the Peeling and sore fingertips symptoms thread. Please continue posting within this thread.

by User avatar Billy