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Strange aching, sore spot deep in left front neck/throat

Answered by a doctor

I posted this originally in the incorrect forum. (I'm a newbie, but I have no idea how I put this in "Skin Rashes"!) For several years I've had a very sore area deep in my left front neck. There is no swelling--at least not visible to a doctor or to myself. An ear, nose, and throat doctor...

by User avatar Guest

Excessive Mucus - A Slow Frustrating Death

Answered by a doctor

I don't even know where to begin this. I have had an issue with excessive mucus for about 8 years and it is something I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. It started while playing sports, I owuld need to sub off rather quickly because the mucus buildup in my throat was so bad I couldn't breathe...

by User avatar Mr. T

lump in throat and chest headaches dizziness

Answered by a doctor

For the last month I have had this very weird sensation in my throat. I would say lump but my doc said it is a lump, it was a sensation of a lump. I have been looked by my GP, then by an ENT and nothing was found in my throat. However, I can’t deal with it anymore. It is so annoying and I started...

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Recurring cold and flu symptoms - 3 times this winter

Answered by a doctor

I have been getting severe cold/flu like symptoms. I first got sick around christmas, again just after, and a third time at the end of January. I am a teacher, but this is definitely more than I've ever been sick before. I usually get a fever/chills, body aches, runny nose that usually turns to a...

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The feeling of somthing stuck in my throat around the adams

Answered by a doctor

For many months now I have had the feeling of somthing stuck in my throat that never goes away, It is worse in the mornings after lying down, When I clean my teath I have the need to gag and yesterday I choked and brought up blood flecked flem, I do not have any pain but somtimes feel as if...

by User avatar Stephen Cooney14014

feels like lump in my throat and feel like i cant breathe

Answered by a doctor

i have been having trouble swallowing now for almost a year. it all started when i was 4 months pregnant. my daughter is now 6 months and still no releif. i have been scoped they found nothing but still put me on nexium. hasn't helped. went through a cookie swallow that was normal and a marshmellow...

by User avatar aquarius020373

i permantly have flem in my throat and a bad breath, what is wrong with me?

Answered by a doctor

i always have flem in my throat and it hurts me when i have to cough it up. it makes my throat feel blocked all the time and feels as if i cant breathe always smells and i have been having little yellow pieces in my throat which i have been coughing up and they really smell. i brush my...

by User avatar sweeny7

Liquid in throat?

Every now and then, doesn't happen too often, I get the feeling that there is liquid stuck in my throat. Not necessarily in my throat, but it seems like the area where the neck and chest meet, only inside. I try drinking water, soda, or even having something to eat to see if it can make it go away....

by User avatar Aereth

Pill stuck in my throat - when to seek medical attention?

Answered by a doctor

Today I got a pill stuck in the space at the back of my throat where the tonsil is. I was taking two of those mucus relief pills as I am getting over a cold. About half swallow I coughed and swallowed one but ran out of water so couldn't swallow the second. After choking for about 10 seconds feeling...

by User avatar sylviac64056

hard chunky throat mucus

Answered by a doctor

everyday for about the past month i wake up and feel something in my throat. its very uncomfortable so i start trying to hack it up. i get it from my throat and it feels like it moves to my sinus area and then i start to gag and feels like choke and finally spit it out. disgustinly, it hard chunky...

by User avatar suchandsuch