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my neighbours kids never stop screaming!!! Driving me insane

Answered by a doctor

Hi, my neighbours kids never stop screaming, and it drives me insane. Can’t that man teach them to behave politely?

by User avatar Guest

10 year old naked in a shower with parents-yes or no?

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I am a woman who is 34 years old. I wonder when I should stop bathing my child. He is 8 years old. Is that a little weird or you thinking it is normal? I would like a straight answer. Is it ok if I bath him till he is 10? I am not really sure about this. Thank you in advance for your answer.

by User avatar cheri19437

enlarged clitoris 7 year old

Answered by a doctor

My 7 year old daughter has an enlarged clitoris - I am awaiting for the referral to an endocrinologist. Any ideas as to what causes this and/or treatment. She is very uncomfortable all of the time.

by User avatar rdadey

2 year old having frequent erections

Answered by a doctor

my 2 year old son (almost 3 years ) has been having about 15 erections a day, if not more. what is going on? Ive triued reading up on it and Ive never read of the kids having more than 3 a day. is there something wrong? Ive also found him playing woth him self. is this normal or should I take him to...

by User avatar Noah61127386

My 10 year old daughter has been nauseous for 2 months.

Answered by a doctor

We're waiting to see a gastic specialist about my 10 yr. olds condition. meanwhile since she is to young to take adult gastric relief meds. we've tried alka-selzer, pepsid, Gas-X, ect. No one seems to collate that her extreme nauseousness started when she stoped being able to expell excess...

by User avatar Susan708

10 year old in moms underwear

Hi, this is the first time I have posted a question but I am not sure where to turn for help with this. Last night I caught my 10 year old boy trying on my lacy underwear. He said he does not know why he did it so I did not press him too hard except to say that is normal to be curious. However, I...

by User avatar dlvwithsna

my nine year old son constantly complaining of tingling and numbness in legs with pain what is wrong

Answered by a doctor

can some one help me with this my son on a daily basis complains that his legs hurt and are tingling and numb so much so that hes says he wishes that we could cut his legs off can some one help me with this please any suggestions at all ?

by User avatar dflores4164437

Personality Changes and Constipation

Answered by a doctor

My 2 year old daughter has been battling chronic constipation for over 1 year now. It is driving me crazy! She is normally has a wonderful personality...until 3 days after a bowel movement. She stops eating and turns into this awful, angry, crying, tempermental defiant child. Until she has a BM....

by User avatar rachelsmom74056

does dehydration cause nausea and vomitting?

Answered by a doctor

Hello, folks. My child has serious nausea and vomitting. I took him to a pediatrician and he mentioned something about dehydration. I wonder whether dehydration can cause nausea and vomitting. What do you think? I will gladly hear out your opinions. Thanks to all who reply to my post. This will mean...

by User avatar phyllida57167649

8 year old girl vaginal pain at night

Answered by a doctor

My 8 year old daughter has been having vaginal and sometime anal pain at night. Goes and goes almost like spasms. She has been seeing a urologist. She had tests like a VCUG and full sonogram of the bladder and kidneys, everything is completely normal. She was taking Ditropan for possible bladder...

by User avatar Shelg59973