The new pill is called “Anya” and it should eliminate menstruation completely. It is to be taken 365 days a year without a break. Sound like an ordinary birth control pill, doesn’t it? The only difference with birth control pills is that you stop taking them for a week and then get your period.

The new pill would be both contraceptive to pregnancy and periods.

Some critics fear that the new pill could oral contraceptives raise the risk of blood clots and breast cancer as continuous and excess exposure to hormones might increase these risks and make it harder to spot potential health problems.

In a trial that included about 2,000 women, only six had serious side effects such as prolonged bleeding or blood clots. The trial also showed that the pill would not impair fertility as ovulation resumes when the pill is stopped.

Manufacturers have announced that “Anya” should be available next year in the USA and a little bit later in Europe.