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I haven't been using birth control pills period. And in the 22nd of april 2014 I had unprotected intercourse with my partner, when I got home I have had contraceptives, and then decided to take the first pill, due to financial issues of not being able to buy emergency contraceptives. It this going to be effective and do I have less chances of being preggies?


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Taking a contraceptive pill will not help. To be effective you need to take them regularly and start before you have unprotected sex.

However, if this happened when you were not fertile you will not get pregnant So:

  1. What date did your last period start?
  2. How long is your cycle (typically 28 days)?
  3. What date do you expect your next period to start?
  4. If you are not taking the contraceptive pill why did you have unprotected intercourse?
  5. Where are you from?