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I talked to a female friend who told me that she has been taking a "fake" birth control pill (her words) to regulate her periods. She said that since this pill is only to regulate her periods, it is not effective as a birth control or contraceptive pill..
I am confused. I thought that all the pills are contraceptive and effective as a method to prevent pregnancy, but that sometimes they are used to regulate periods instead of being used as a contraceptive.
Does such a "fake" pill really exist, one that would ONLY regulate periods, but not be effective as a contraception method ????

Thank you


I dont think theres such a thing as a "fake" pill. Birth control has its side effects and can not be 100% safe, but they all help prevent pregnancy. Birth control does help regulate your period but there is no fake pill. Sometimes it can be dangerous to take birth control pills to regulate ones period, talk to your doctor to be safe.