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so yesterday was day 6 of being on the birth control pill. me and my boyfriend had sex with a condom but it split he realized straight away and pulled out and he didnt ejaculate but is there still a chance i could get pregnant? ive taken the morning after pill today but just want to know if there is still and chance :/ and help will be most apprecated.


Hi Wonder,

There's always a chance of pregnancy with any form of sexual contact but:

1.  You're on birth control (most are effective in 7 days - while not fully effective it will help some)

2.  You used an emergency contraceptive

3.  He pulled out before ejaculation.

Chances would be extremely low.

Remember, you can have an early or late period that's lighter or heavier than usual along with cramping and spotting when using emergency contraceptives.

Hope it helps.