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Hey there, I am obviously new here, I am looking for answers to a couple of questions. I had a D&C on January 17, 2009, and have been on nuvaring ever since, it has been wonderful because I don't have to remember it every day. This month, I had my week out, and my period stopped after 5 days, then I inserted a new ring. The problem is that 3 days later my period started again.( I'm sorry if this is graphic) It was a brown stringy stuff. It grossed me out a little. Then a couple of days later it turned into this bright red heavy bleeding with what I assume is tissue. They were little chunks of red stuff. It has been like this for almost 2 weeks. It keeps bouncing back and forth between brown and bright red. I called my doctor a week after it started and my appointment next week. Have you guys experienced anything like this or know what it could be and if I should be this worried?

This sort of relates to my other question, My Grandma, and Mom have endometriosis and for the past couple of years I have been experiencing the same symptoms they have, like pelvic pain, heavy heavy periods, extreme cramps, and the back of my legs tingling. It really worries me and I was wondering if the bleeding could be related to possibly having the disease? I will be asking my doctor about this as well.

And my last question is, I am 19 and do not plan on getting married or having children anytime soon. I was looking at implant birth control and wondered if that would be a decent option. and if anyone has had it or know how much it cost?

I'm sorry this is so long, I just have lots of questions and am pretty worried about the bleeding. Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance guys.


I guess you've already worked the thing out with your doctor, but almost the exact same thing happened to me. Including that I had been on it for some time before it happened. I followed the directions for taking the nuvaring out and put a new one in (I can't remember what timeframe it was now). But shortly after putting the new ring in I bled for the whole month with varying heaviness until I took it out. I should have taken the damn thing out earlier, but I was scared I'd muck up my cycle (like it could be any worse). I thought I had some kind of infection or something. The doctor said it was most likely too low a dose for me and tried to give me the pill, which I refused because of my prior experience with extreme depression. So I got a copper IUD because I was so sick of everything those damn hormones do to my body. Then a month after I got it I had to get it surgically removed because it had perforated out of my uterus. I have another one now that was put in under anaesthesia by a gynaecologist, but I have to take antiinflammatory tablets at that time of the month becasue of the pain and heavy bleeding. I tell ya, it's not all fun and games being a woman!

Saying that I know someone who loves the implant. I'd never get it though, I woudn't be brave enough to chance any more hormones. I can live with what I have at the moment.