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Although it is not the kids fault, adults living with children are likely to eat more fat than those living without the children.
The biggest problem seems to be jam-packed schedules since it is easier to fix hot dogs or grab fried fast – food as well as advertising aimed at children that also includes adults or adults' perception.

Researchers found that living will children will usually results in eating much additional saturated fat each week as found in an individual-size pizza.
When kids are around, the cupboards are more likely to be stuffed with high-fat convenience foods such as cookies, cheese, peanuts and processed meats and adults are more likely to reach for them. Parents will also reach for the children’s leftovers in restaurants and cook easy to fix foods.

Detailed food questionnaires given to 6,600 adults living with and without children younger than 17 were gathered. The survey reviewed what the adults ate over a 24-hour period.
Those living with children ate almost 5 more grams of fat each day, for a total of more than 91 grams while those without children ate 86.5 grams. That is nearly 2 grams more of saturated fat daily, the fat linked to heart disease, or about 12 grams of saturated fat per week -- an amount equal to a 6-inch pepperoni pizza.

Health experts suggest that parents should be made aware of the habits and mistakes and learn to introduce small changes at a time like cutting back on the number of times each week they eat fast food, or adding fresh fruit to their diet.


No kidding. How about eliminating the snack food, too. Tends to be a true temptation.