Junk food became the main course in the lives of the Western kids instead of the traditional home made food. Junk food is overloaded with processed salt and once the children get used to high levels of salt, they cannot go back to the lower concentration as their receptors keep asking for more.

It is not uncommon that children today suffer from hypertension or that they started developing heart ailments. All of these disorders could be reduced by reducing the salt consumption by 20 %. Cutting down 20% of the salt content does not make a difference to a meal’s taste.

What children consume today, cornflakes, biscuits and hamburgers, increases the salt intake 2.5 times the recommended value. Many parents are either ignoring the risk factors of childhood obesity or not aware of them which is even more frightening.

Heart foundation announces that salt intake needs to be reduced by 80% in processed foods since these foods are what children eat the most today. Many manufacturers are already forced to reduce the salt, saturated fat and sugar from their products in order to get approval from the Heart foundation.