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 Im 19 and I am a little worried that I might be pregnant even though i took the B-pill.I haven't gotten my period yet after taking the pill and waiting a week. Im not getting any of the symptoms or signs that lets me know I will be getting my period soon. 

 So I had unprotected sex with my partner on Friday March 16 2:30 AM. I was drunk at the time and the pharmacist said for me to drink a lot of water before I take the pill. So the next day after drinking 4 bottles of water and peeing so much, I took the pill at 9AM. Because it was still technically the 1st day of the encounter, 8 hours later. I waited till the next Friday, still no period. I went to the pharmacy to get a pregnancy test Tuesday 26th, and read that for some, you can't take it if you took hormone medication. Asked the lady about it, and taking the pill. She said that it takes a week for the pill to work and that my period could be another week delay.  Its now it March 28th and still no sign of my period, but my boobs hurting when they move or touch them. 

IDK if im getting my period or if it's a sign that I am pregnant? 


Hi Kathy,

If you took Plan B the next day it is very unlikely you are pregnant.

When was your period due?  You don't necessarily have a period just because you took Plan B.  It may be early or later than normal though.  It can also be heavier or lighter than normal.

Plan B won't effect the results of a pregnancy test.  The tests look for a specific hormone, hCG, only made by the fetus.

You also need to wait at least two, preferably three, weeks after having sex before testing for the hormone levels to rise high enough to be detected.

Hope it helps.