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(Please support me. I really need the answers as soon as possible. I have ANOTHER issue....)

Hello all and how are you,

Between June 19-21st of this year, I sort of had a sexual encounter. I have read that you can get pregnant if the sperm is anywhere near the vulva (Including the clitoris and other areas). I have no idea if the guy had ejaculated or not, but he was near the clitoris area, but right where the clitoris starts. I have been REALLY stressed out since, and I sometimes cannot sleep unless I cry...

In July, I DID have my period. It was normal. Discharge, then menstrual, and then the ending discharge. The menstrual cycle and ending discharge lasted for the normal time period (7 days). Cramps and flow was normal.

After the period, I became VERY ill. I think the doctor told me I had laryngitis. My throat began to swell VERY badly, and developed a visible lymph node. This is when I began to take MEDICATION (July 24, and lasted for 10-15 days). I had taken two pills of TYLENOL (500mg each) every day, and four pills of CEPHALEXIN (500mg each) everyday. After five days, I began to only take two pills of CEPHALEXIN, and then one. I had taken a blood and urine test for the illness, yet would I have been told if I was pregnant?

During the medication, when I had used the restroom and it shockingly hurt. I had then noticed blood on the tissue from the clitoris area. NOT the "entrance" of the vaginal area. I began to stress out even more. This only happened ONCE in July, after the 24th.

On August 12th and the 14th, the bleeding occured again!! I found blood by the "entrance" of the vaginal area this time as well as the clitoris....I have no idea what is going on.....I have gained ONE pound at the end of the month of July.

My period should be coming between August 18-22nd. I have had little cramping, but for some reason, my DISCHARGE is EARLY!!!...It started yesterday... The discharge usually starts on day 27-28 before the period, but it is only day 23 or 24.... I do not know if it was because the medication and/or the HIGHER amounts of stress. I have never been this stressed out in my whole life compared to the other times of stress....

Carifairy had told me millions of times that I could not be pregnant. I have taken tests online, and say the same thing. I cannot purchase a test, because I'm always with family. I am just really stressing myself out here......

Please support me with some accurate, reasonable answers.


Note: Usually I have constant cramping before period starts, but it's just VERY little and doesn't last long...But, I dont really know if its cramping....All this stress is clouding my judgmen on ALL things....

Thank you......


I have been told twice that I could possibly have Urinary Tract Infection.

Could this be a symptom of pregnancy, as well as early discharge?


You are not pregnant, all of your posts lead me to believe this!

EARLY or LATE periods happen during times of illness or stress.

MY period has come early, and it has come late, yet I was not pregannt.

AS a woman you must realize that your monthly cycle WILL CHANGE, and that it is not always going to be the same length.

IF you were pregnant, you would not have had any period in july at all.

UTI's are common, they are painful.

YES, THE BLOOD AND URINE TESTS would have said if you were pregnant.

THEY DO give all women ages 13+ pregnancy tests when they check urine.


Thank you again...

Sorry, I just worry too much. o.O

Thank you Carifairy..


I got my period yesterday!!!!

Thank you for your support, Carifairy!!!!!




Always sex is sexy ;-)